XING Newsfeed

2013 – 2015

XING Newsfeed

Every day, people find all sorts of interesting items in their Newsfeed on XING, the social network for professionals. Between 2013 and 2015 a new design for the Newsfeed was rolled out, where I was mainly responsible for Product Design and User Experience.

In the redesigned Newsfeed people can easily explore interesting and inspiring content.

The XING Newsfeed is a frequently updating list of stories from contacts, companies, and other connections, like groups. People can explore interesting and inspiring content, like current events, convenient jobs and latest articles, and mark them as interesting or comment on them. Each person´s Newsfeed is personalized based on their interests and the sharing activity of their contacts.

The goal of the Newsfeed is to show the right content to the right people at the right time. People use XING to share and connect, including staying updated on the latest news. Newsfeed helps to explore and share stories from contacts and the world around.

“A consistent Newsfeed experience regardless of platform”

Understanding that more users are accessing XING from mobile than ever, XING is focused on making the Newsfeed experience more consistent, regardless of platform. With the new design, now XING has the same look and feel on mobile and web.

The Redesign

We built a fresh, new look for the Newsfeed on web and mobile. This redesign aims to make it easier for people to access the things they care about. The main goal there was to improve how the content appears. Users enjoy bigger photos and more engaging stories now. The clutter was cleaned up and therefore the new design helps our users to do the things they want to do more easily.

The new design was rolled out to more than 14 million XING members and we are constantly tweaking it to optimize the experience for the users.

Designing the Experience

We aimed to rebuild the Newsfeed as a discovery for the users, where they can easily explore interesting, inspiring content and access the things they care about. User research and user feedback clarified our user’s needs and thus defined the main newsfeed experience.

As we believe in getting feedback early to build better products, we talked a lot with our users and sketched out a bunch of ideas. Based on the user feedback web and mobile prototypes were built, which were constantly tested and improved.

We quickly generate a lot of ideas by sketching.
Native mobile prototypes helped us to test the product in an early stage.

On our wall we kept user insights, user feedback, ideas and questions. As we found out, simplicity was a big issue during the design process. So we redesigned the Newsfeed over and over again until it felt right for our users and technology kept staying in the background.

On our wall we shared our findings and kept user insights, user feedback, fresh ideas and essential questions.
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